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  • 2013


The University of La Laguna gets in touch with EVM Project Management Experts S.L. hoping to study the possibility of a potential collaboration for the development of a joint proposal with other international education entities and present a project proposal under the Erasmus Multilateral Projects (Life Long Learning Programme) call for proposals.


Resource efficiency and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people have been deeply analyzed and discussed at a European level, but there only a few organizations that are actually aware of the skills required out of such professional profile. This project, bearing these issues in mind, has as its main aim overcoming this skill gap by providing the education needed to support the development and launch of a programme focusing on enhancing the current state of topics such as resource efficiency, entrepreneurship, and environmental impact while supporting and promoting ideas and concepts by means of spin-offs based on university graduates-industry collaborations.

This project partnership includes universities, SMEs, NGOs, and other kinds of organizations from seven different countries. ViREG is to provide knowledge and innovation capabilities on resource efficiency.


  • Design and development of the proposal
  • Partnership and budget set-up
  • Training content design
  • Submission of the proposal
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