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  • 2015


Public bodies’ workers are currently facing an enormous challenge: a growing public demand for the creation of an opener and more inclusive governance and the emergence of several and social information and communication technologies (ICTs).

As a result of the meetings and the debates that took place in the “1st Iberoamerican Conference on Public Innovation” (,  organized by EVM, Novagob, Cabildo de Tenerife, University of La Laguna and Its Foundation, which hosted leading specialists in the modernization of the public sector in Spain and Latin America; one of the clearest findings was the need for a common training space (both within Europe, within LAC, and between continents) in order to help a sector that evolves technologically slowly and has so much room for improvement, especially at local levels.

The University of La Laguna and its General Foundation contacted EVM Project Management to study, as a result of this conference, a possible collaboration to develop a joint proposal with other educational institutions to attend the European call Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building in Higher Education that funded the project.


This platform should encourage the use of good common practices and the self-improvement of public workers in order to progress as a society.

The main outputs expected are:

  1. Creation and improvement of Digital Education Departments in the Latin American HEIs
  2. Joint development, recording and delivery of an Open Government MOOC in each consortium HEIs.
  3. Creation of a mutually beneficial and lasting LAC-EU HEIs partnership that will enable a Digital Education Cooperation Programme designed to jointly manage the Open Government Digital Education Platform (OGDEP).
  4. Develop opportunities for international cooperation at regional (LAC)
  5. Development of new tools for the exchange of good “digital” practices among Latin American and European universities.
  6. Promotion of good governance


  • Definition and development of the Project idea the proposal
  • Forming up the partnership and the budget
  • Designing a learning methodology
  • Submitting the proposal
  • Raising funds
  • Project execution

International partnership formed by organizations from 4 european countries and 3 Iberoamerican countries: Spain (Universidad de La Laguna, Fundación General de la Universidad de La Laguna , Red Social Novagob S.L., EVM Project Management Experts S.L. ), UK (Buckinghamshire New University), Italy (Universitá Telemática Internazionale  Uninettuno), Germany (Freie Universit¨t Berlin), Argentina (Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Universidad Metropolitana  y Think – Grupo de Comunicación S.R.L), Mexico (Universidad de Desarrollo Empresarial y Pedagógico, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y AV6 Consulting Group) and Venezuela (Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo)

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