PILAR – Platform Integration of Laboratories based on the Architecture of visiR

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  • 2016


Among the reasons that are avoiding the compliance of the European sustainable growth objectives and provoking the unemployment situation in Europe are the deficits in qualified and skilled graduates and professionals. As an instrument against this situation, BTH in Sweden launched the Virtual Instrument Systems in Reality, VISIR. VISIR is a remote laboratory for wiring and measuring electronics circuits on a breadboard remotely.


PILAR project proposes a solution that aims to interconnect all VISIR systems, with each other in order to create a grid laboratory shared and accessed by all the participants, expanding and empowering existing systems to a new level of service and capacity. This will allow expanding the application range: each university may install certain circuits on its own VISIR and utilize another type of circuits installed on a VISIR of other universities and viceversa..image

PILAR partnership is composed by 8 participants: BTH, the origin of VISIR; UNED, CUAS, IPP and UDEUSTO, four institutions with VISIR experiences, some of them shared, and finally, the IAOE (International Association of Online Engineering), an international non-profit organization with the objective of encouraging the wider development, distribution and application of Online Engineering. EVM has wide experience in EU projects and will colead and coordinate the dissemination activities. OMNIA is a multi-sector education provider that will colead the training activities.


The project will then provide:

1. A web-based federation of VISIR laboratories and includes a free-access repository for sharing learning resources. Members of this cloud will be the VISIR community partners.

2. The VISIR federation will offer a number of remote labs in the form of services to teachers and students at schools and universities.

3. A teacher may reserve any workbench within the cloud for a particular time period.

4. It would also be possible for organization without VISIR to participateunnamed

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