IOT4SMEs – Internet of Things for European Small and Medium Enterprises

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Internet of Things (IoT) is widely considered as the next step towards of the digital society, where objects and people are interconnected and interact through communication networks. IoT not only has a huge social impact, but can also support the employability and boost the competitiveness of European companies. It is widely considered as one of the most important key drivers for the implementation of the so-called Industry 4.0 and for the digital transformation of the companies. Relevant impact of this technology is expected in a wide range of sectors.


IoT4SMEs aims to facilitate the exploitation and diffusion of the IoT at European level. IoT not only has a huge social impact, but can also support the employability and boost the competitiveness of European companies.

The European Commission has recognized the importance of the IoT technology for the competitiveness and modernization of the European enterprises, for the economical growth and employability in the European area. The IoT4SMEs proposal addresses the objectives of the European Commission on this topic, in the exact moment when the technology is spreading and the demand of professionals is rising. It aims to build-up the competences required for a broad adoption of the IoT technologies, qualifying new professionals to be able to support the digital transformation of the European companies exploiting the advantages offered by the IoT technology.


An analysis of the labour marker will be performed in order to identify the most required competences and the gap of knowledge. This will lead to the design of VET qualification related to IoT. Therefore, all the next training activities will be enclosed in framework that will allow the transparent recognition and transferability of the competences at European level. The target groups will be able to access the training courses at distance by means of the project web-platform. Additionally, interviews and showcases will be produced, in order to give a concrete evidence of IoT applications and technologies. Then, highly innovative didactic demonstrators on IoT will be developed. The instruments, working as remote laboratories, will allow the students to make practical experiences with IoT technologies, complementary to the ones acquired in the distance learning courses.

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