IN-CLOUD – Innovation in the Cloud Bridging Universities and Businesses

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  • 2015


Cloud computing is defining the future of ICT, it is facilitating new business and entrepreneurial models at all levels. Moreover, its practical applications in universities can strengthen links between business and the academia. The potential of cloud computing lies in the fact that it allows for the exchange of innovative practices between these two areas. It is in this context that the IN-CLOUD project comes along.


IN-CLOUD is based on three interconnected researches.

After the identification of cloud computing services that are already available in the project partner countries, a thorough research on its state of the art will follow so as to assess the uses given and the business potential cloud computing holds.

At the same time, an analysis will be carried out so as to study the needs and get an idea of the already-existing abilities and learning ideals that allow us to define the teaching process  to follow.

The main result of the project is a Mooc course catalogue produced in several languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), that would benefit all users for the duration of the project and after its end, for its community is expected to become a growing one.

The consortium consists of 7 partners from 6 countries: universities, companies and public organizations.


  • The target groups (researchers, students, employees of companies and public administration) can access the courses by means of the OpenupEd portal.
  • The functions of the e-learning web platform ensure the interaction between tutors and users in real time through forums, wikis, chats and the social media.
  • Joint production of teaching materials. The Internet-based course will be compatible with various mobile devices.
  • Course attendees will develop business skills based on a deep understanding of cloud computing for it to be used both at university and company level. This will allow university programmes to include the competences and experiences of the business world in a direct fashion.
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