EXAGE – European Xperience Accelerator for Green Business and Eco-Entrepreneurship

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  • 2015


The EXAGE project , European eXperience Accelerator for Green Business and Eco – Entrepreneurship, is coordinated by the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna and has been funded by the European Programme COSME , Call COS WP2014-4-05 European Young Entrepreneurst with the reference number : 653140 .


EXAGE pursues the following objectives, among others::

  • The green sector entrepreneurs , whether energy efficiency , sustainable growth , green Commerce or any eco activity, will enjoy a number of priorities to create a specific network of entrepreneurs in this type of business.
  • The new entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to travel abroad and learn directly from a host entrepreneur established and experienced , who will be actively involved to include the newcomer in their business projects to encourage the development of new ideas and models.
  • The establishment of a vast network of entrepreneurship will allow the EXAGE project to gather information on the most common obstacles and challenges facing employers today , so they can get the managerial skills necessary to solve them..


  • Definition and development of the proposal.
  • Structuring the partnership and budget.
  • Presentation of the proposal.
  • Attracting funding
  • The project will work with 8 Intermediate Organizations (IOs ) from 6 European countries like Spain , UK, Italy, France , Romania and Portugal, with a commitment to develop about 100 relationships between new and future entrepreneurs (NES ) on one hand , and experienced entrepreneurs (HES ) on the other
  • This means that each intermediate body will attract at least 25 entrepreneurs, raising to 200 entrepreneurs involved in the project.
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