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At EVM, we unreservedly accept the fact that superior models of companies are spent. This is due in large part to the creation of small elements related to sovereignty or self-determination.  Hence, information does not flow smoothly and individuals do not cooperate with one another. Instead, they compete to climb the steps of power, which rarely responds to its merits.

The collective goal thereby fades in pro of a ruling class whose ultimate aim is their own personal objectives.

Most of us who have worked in companies or areas of public administrations have escaped this model because we know it can lead to deep personal dissatisfaction and a lack of professional undertaking.

This transition is not something we expect. Instead, we know and accept that the rules of the game have changed.

Our Values

Creative and Innovative: EVM is structured as a cauldron of ideas formed by its own multidisciplinary team, a network of common collaborators, and a framework defined in advance. This singular work environment is supported by methodologies, processes, and assigned tools.

Transparent and Conscious: EVM aims to generate profits, but not at any cost. Current society demands that the behavior of companies and organizations integrate intelligence and sensitivity to their actions; science and conscience; development and respect, based on the “code of ethics.”

Social and Committed: EVM expresses its firm commitment to apply their knowledge and services to civil society. This includes experience acquired in the field of technology and innovation and the added value of human capital. This unique skill set substantially improves management and transparency of all projects dedicated to improving the welfare of society in general.

Economies of Scale

By both definition and conviction, and as an open company, at EVM, we search for economies of scale where the efficiency of proposed solutions to problems and challenges of our customers are achieved through the production of different services using common resources. All too often, large companies and public entities attempt to solve complex issues by resorting to a range of specialists in different fields. The solutions to these proposals often generate high costs and simulates simple mergers of partial answers, rather than a global solution to resolve issues in an orderly and harmonious way.

“The competitive strength generated by the economies of scale obligates companies to open up more and more as they work in a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. There is no turning back.”

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